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2017 Oct. 5 Martinsville holds community discussion on domestic violence

2017 Oct. 4 Meeting set in Martinsville to discuss concerns, raise awareness about domestic violence

2016 Sep. 14 Fear 2 Freedom trying to restore lives of sexual assault survivors

2015 Oct. 29 This Week's Cause

2015 Oct. 27 Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence



2018 Apr. 24 Sexual Assault Survivors Tell Their Stories 

2018 Jan. 3 A Season of Change: Response Center looks for help

2017 Dec. 11 Looking For Angels: Daily Grind works to help abuse victims

2017 Oct. 26 Odom brings her story of hope to Survivors' Voices event

2017 Oct. 6 How do you keep abuse victims safe?

2017 Oct. 3 A Community Conversation: Martinsville murder triggers discussion over domestic violence

2017 Sep. 27 Martinsville Proclamation "October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month" (near the end)

2017 Sep. 24 Henry County Proclamation "October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month (very brief)

2017 Jul. 21 Does Virginia do enough to protect domestic violence survivors?

2017 Jul. 18 A day before her death, Likens filed a protective order against Reynolds

2017 Apr. 18 Thanking Henry County for supporting programs (one line)

2017 Apr. 3 Engaging New Voices: community asked to support rape victims

2017 Apr. 25 Collaborations with Re-entry Fair

2017 Feb. 22 Collaborations with S.H.E. for Mentoring

2017 Jan. 16 Human trafficking still a problem in Southside

2016 Dec. 6 Helping Hands: Southside Survivors help abuse victims

2016 Sep. 29 Martinsville Proclamation "October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month"  (near the end)

2016 Sep. 29 Public Safety Day

2016 Sep. 28 Henry County proclamation "October as Domestic Violence as Domestic Violence Awareness Month"  (end of article)

2016 Sep. 11 Day of Action 'biggest in years' for Henry County

2016 Sep. 9 Day of Action

2016 Aug. 31 Public safety day to connect heroes with kids

2016 Mar. 30 Sexual assault awareness event is Saturday (middle)

2015 Oct. 15 Joey Logano donates new roof to Martinsville shelter

2015 Oct. 6 CAFV seeks support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

2015 Sep. 20 Proclamation is on board agenda

2015 Sep. 6 CAFV director named to state post

2014 Oct. 5 Women in Philanthropy gives grant to CAFV, foundation

2014 Apr. 28 Club works to raise abuse awareness

2013 Apr. 26 Outside agencies appeal to council for funds

2013 Feb. 24 February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

2012 Sep. 12 Women in Philanthropy hands out grants

2012 Mar. 29 Time to talk about ‘it’

2011 Oct. 23 Speaker: You do not have to be a victim of domestic violence

2011 May 22 PHCC has policy on sexual assault

2010 Oct. 24 Victim recalls being set afire by abusive husband

2010 Oct. 6 PHCC survey: 30 percent of people are domestic violence victims

2010 Oct. 3 Rally goal: Stop the violence

2010 Jun. 27 CAFV backs protective order change 

2010 May 9 Officials: Tragedy may help others

2010 Apr. 10 Speaker: Child abuse effects far-reaching

2009 Dec. 28 Domestic, sexual violence rise feared

2009 Oct. 5 Shooting survivor to speak about domestic violence

2009 Jan. 14 CAFV: Teens can say ’no to sex

2009 Jan. 12 Two-day program to focus on safety

2008 Oct 2. Abuse cycle targeted

2007 Sep. 30 Violence of teens similar to adults

2007 Jun. 15 CAFV aids Danville shelter's clients

2007 May 29 Group targets domestic violence

2007 Apr. 23 Help people rebuild lives

2006 Oct. 13 Residents rally for victims of violence

2006 Sep. 15 Shelter gets major makeover thanks to Hooker Furniture

2005 Oct 30 Rally targets cycle of violence

2004 Oct. 5 Planning your protection

2004 Oct. 5 CAFV: No easy solutions to violence in the home

2004 Jul. 19 Local efforts win 3 grants

2002 Oct. 18 Walk, vigil raise awareness of local domestic violence

2002 Apr. 23 CAFV taking its message to school with seminars

2001 Oct. 10 Mentions of a new shelter (Very Brief - Middle of page)

2001 Aug. 10 The battered will stick with abusers

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